Clear Blue Fire is an Australian rock band formed in 2017 in Perth, Western Australia by singer guitarist Anthony Nieves.

Influenced by dirty rock & roll, post surf rock, indie, blues and punk music with driving energy, Clear Blue Fire has a unique collection of hard hitting rock songs delivered with swagger & edginess and motivational lyrical themes.


Our Sixth Single “The Fire” was released November 1st 2019
Available worldwide across all digital outlets!

Our Fifth Single “Nothin’ Like This” was released February 23rd 2019
Broadcast internationally and appeared in the TV show Shameless in association with (Warner Bros & Showtime)

Our Fourth Single “Ohh My My” was released January 22nd 2019
Broadcast internationally in association with the MTV network.

Our Third Single “Are You Ready For This” was released January 19th 2019
Broadcast internationally in association with MTV & Netflix.

Our Second Single “Lets Go” was released March 7th 2018
Broadcast across USA & Canada as part of Coors Light advertisement campaign in association with MillerCoors Brewing Co.

The Music Video for our first single “Can’t Stop Me” was released January 2018 following the synchronization with MLB (Major League Baseball) Winter Meetings Campaign Promotion!

Clear Blue Fire signed with Mutiny Recordings (Los Angeles, USA) for all licensing representation in October 2017